I am an elementary school teacher in Pacific Grove and although I am seeing positive steps forward, we can all admit that this year has been especially tough on our school, our district, our parents and especially our students. As we begin to see our lives return to some sense of normalcy, these kids are going to need all the support they can get. From our school to our recreation department, an increase in student serving programs is critical to their health and well-being. I recently learned that a community-minded group is going to repurpose and reimagine the old American Tin Cannery building. From that development, our city will see approximately $3 million in yearly revenue and our PG schools will see over a quarter of a million dollars in property tax proceeds each year. That means the potential for increased emotional, mental and physical programs, which directly impact the children of Pacific Grove. I love our city and I want the best for our kids. This project seems the best way to achieve success for both of them.

— Anne Hober, Pacific Grove