The ATC – Pacific Grove Hotel and Commercial Project has been thoughtfully planned in response to the natural environment, existing conditions, and industrial architectural context of Cannery Row.  The development reflects quality design and sustainability practices to fulfill the community’s expectations for a new hotel on this site. Imagine the possibilities of a fully integrated project contributing to the future of Pacific Grove

Contributes to the Community

The new Green Roof Garden will be open to the public and will include interpretive displays about the native plants present in the garden and dune habitat.  There will also be spotting scopes available to enjoy views of the bay and observe the wildlife; views of the Bay that are not currently available.

  • Rotating educational displays focused on the natural history of Pacific Grove
  • Rotating educational display focused on history of the site
  • The project provides new opportunities for community gatherings for social events like proms, weddings and family reunions and meeting spaces for business events like educational conferences, chamber meetings and non-profit fundraising events.
  • Publicly accessible courtyards, seating areas and food and beverage options

Supports the Local Economy

Imagine the possibilities that a sustainably built and operated high quality hotel and retail project will provide for the City of Pacific Grove. The project would provide a substantial increase to City revenues that may be used to fund community services, programs and improvements that benefit the entire community and enhance the environment- the possibilities are endless.

Benefits include:

  • Several million dollars per year in Transient Occupancy Tax to the City of Pacific Grove
  • Property tax revenue to Pacific Grove Schools
  • Additional revenue to the City from entitlements
  • Sales tax from new Pacific Grove small businesses
  • Over 135 quality, good paying local jobs including:
    • Operations
    • Management
    • Food and Beverage Management
    • Engineering
    • Information Technology
    • Human Resources and Accounting
    • Sales
    • Front of the House positions
    • Back of the House Positions
    • Summer and Seasonal Positions
    • High School and College Internships
  • Opportunity for onsite small businesses to open
  • Local vendor preferences program supports local small businesses
  • Program to promote Pacific Grove businesses to guests