The ATC – Pacific Grove Hotel and Commercial Project has been thoughtfully planned in response to the natural environment, existing conditions, and industrial architectural context of Cannery Row.  The development reflects quality design and sustainability practices to fulfill the community’s expectations for a new hotel on this site.

Contributes to the Community

  • The ATC-Pacific Grove Hotel and Commercial Project revisions an underutilized and deteriorated property that will benefit Pacific Grove in a number of ways
  • It creates a range of new employment opportunities for local residents including: professional positions, administrative, food and beverage, facilities, and support employment opportunities
  • The project provides increased City tax revenues (Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), Property and Sales Taxes) that may be used to fund City services, programs, and facilities

Supports the Local Economy

  • Guests and employees will patronize local businesses while local vendors and service providers will benefit from hotel operations
  • Provides a venue for local events like weddings, family reunions, non-profit events, and business gatherings
  • The ATC – Pacific Grove Hotel and Commercial Project will offer retail space for new business opportunities