Your Questions Answered


As with anything new, there are always a number of questions. In our efforts to listen to the public discussion regarding the ATC-Pacific Grove Hotel and Commercial Project, we have compiled a list of actual questions, their answers and links to where you can find additional information

What is the ATC – Pacific Grove Hotel and Commercial Project?2020-12-01T03:29:56+00:00

The ATC -Pacific Grove is a proposed hotel and commercial project located at 125 Oceanview Boulevard in Pacific Grove, the site of the old American Tin Cannery. The project retains the original factory building with its familiar sawtooth roof. The hotel includes a 121 room Group and Family wing on the lower portion of the property and a 104 room Executive Wing on the upper portion of the property. Additionally, the ATC – Pacific Grove also includes approximately 20,000 square feet of commercial and retail space. There are a total of 304 valet parking spaces on site.

How will the project be sustainably developed?2020-12-01T03:31:41+00:00

Great Question! A development’s sustainability comes from two areas; how it is built and after it is built, how it effects the environment. The ATC – Pacific Grove Hotel and Commercial Project will strive to meet Gold LEED standards. LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a program through the United States Green Building Council that standardizes the process.

How will the environment be protected?2020-12-01T22:39:31+00:00

Comstock Development is committed to projects that are not only environmentally friendly but sustainably designed. The ATC – Pacific Grove Hotel and Commercial project will include extensive measures to protect wildlife and marine life. The project has undergone an comprehensive environmental review in strict accordance with the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). A Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) was prepared by the City of Pacific Grove to identify any potential impacts to the environment. The DEIR includes numerous technical studies to evaluate Aesthetics, Air Quality, Biological Resources, Cultural Resources, Energy, Geology and Soils, Green House Gas Emissions, Hazards & Hazardous Materials, Hydrology & Water Quality, Land Use & Planning, Noise & Vibration, Public Services & Recreation, Transportation & Circulation, Tribal Cultural Resources, Utilities, and Service Systems. Every aspect of this project has been thoughtfully reviewed and analyzed by professionals in their respective fields. For additional information and to review the DEIR visit the City of Pacific Grove’s website by CLICKING HERE


Will more trees be planted on the site?2020-12-01T22:40:33+00:00

The trees on the property were originally planted for landscaping purposes. The health and condition of the trees have been evaluated by a qualified ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) arborist. The project includes the removal of existing trees on the property, however, new trees will be planted to replace the trees removed.  For more information on this, please refer to the project plans on the City of Pacific Grove’s website by CLICKING HERE.

Why does Pacific Grove need another lodging option?2020-12-01T07:00:59+00:00

Pacific Grove offers visitors a wide range of accommodations including inns, bed and breakfasts, and motels. The ATC – Pacific Grove Hotel and Commercial Project will be a full-service hotel offering expanded amenities including modern meeting and event space. Meeting and event space located in Pacific Grove is critical for the city as it offers local groups, non-profits, educational institutions, and families the opportunity to host events in their hometown.

Does the project comply with Pacific Grove’s development requirements?2020-12-01T03:58:28+00:00

Yes. The ATC – Pacific Grove Hotel and Commercial Project fully complies with all of the City’s land use policies, including the General Plan, Municipal Code, new Local Coastal Plan and all associated development standards. Additionally, the project did not require, or request, any exceptions or variances from the City’s requirements.

Is this site zoned for hotel and commercial use?2020-12-01T21:22:59+00:00

Yes, in 2016, Pacific Grove voters overwhelmingly passed a measure approving a zoning change to allow a hotel and commercial project to be built on this site. The Pacific Grove community has anticipated a hotel development on the site for a number of years.

What is a green roof?2020-11-19T22:18:28+00:00

One of the most unique features of the ATC – Pacific Grove is the half-acre of green roof. About the size of half a football field, the roof acts as natural insulation that reduces energy consumption and reduces localized greenhouse gas emissions. The green roof will be comprised of native grasses, plants, shrubs and trees and will be irrigated through rain and greywater collected on site. The space will be available for the public to enjoy.

How will the hotel and commercial project contribute to Pacific Grove’s economy?2020-12-01T07:02:16+00:00

There are several ways this hotel and commercial project will contribute to Pacific Grove’s economy. The development will provide a source of additional revenue to the City through Transient Occupancy Tax as well as increased Sales and Property Taxes. In addition, the hotel and commercial retail options will be a source of new employment opportunities ranging from part-time or seasonal to management level career positions.

What project revisions have been made?2021-10-01T02:09:16+00:00

We have listened to the community and have made revisions that make a great project even better!

Project Revisions Include (As recommended by the City’s ARB):

  1. The subgrade parking area beneath the Shoreline wing along Ocean View Blvd. has been eliminated. Elimination of this area reduces the amount of project excavation by 38% (17,700CY), and will significantly reduce noise, vibration, dust, and construction vehicle trips.
  2. The project will still have adequate on-site parking for all the uses included in the project.
  3. The overall size of the project has been significantly reduced
  4. Additional design elements have been added that reflect the architecture of Cannery Row
  5. The total number of trees on the property has been increased to 136. The net increase in native trees and other landscaping will enhance the habitat for local birds.


What additional amenities have been added?2021-10-01T02:34:35+00:00

Community Contributions and Public Amenities

The new Green Roof Garden will be open to the public and will include interpretive displays about the native plants present in the garden and dune habitat educational displays.  There will also be spotting scopes available to enjoy views of the bay and observe the wildlife; views of the Bay that are not currently available.

  1. Rotating educational displays focused on the natural history of Pacific Grove
  2. Rotating educational display focused on history of the site
  3. The project provides new opportunities for community gatherings for social events and meeting spaces for business events.
  4. Publicly accessible courtyards, seating areas and food and beverage options


Sustainable Design and Construction

Sustainable project features include:

  1. Green Roof provides natural insulation and water capture reducing energy and water use
  2. Solar Panels
  3. Automated Energy Management System
  4. 65% of solid construction waste will be recycled
  5. Use of non-glare and bird-film glass
  6. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  7. Rainwater Harvesting for landscape irrigation
  8. Onsite Greywater recycled water system used for landscape irrigation
  9. Waterless Urinals

Sustainable operations features include:

  1. Locally sourced food and produce
  2. Food waste reduction programs
  3. Sustainable hospitality program participation
  4. Environmentally friendly packaging of guest amenities
  5. Sustainability education for employees and information for guests
  6. Participation in food sustainability programs like Seafood Watch
  7. Local vendor emphasis


Economic Benefits

Imagine the possibilities that a sustainably built and operated high quality hotel and retail project will provide for the City of Pacific Grove. The project would provide a substantial increase to City revenues that may be used to fund community services, programs and improvements that benefit the entire community and enhance the environment- the possibilities are endless. Additionally, the new employment opportunities (135 new jobs) and additional goods and services provided to the hotel will support our local businesses and revitalize PG’s local economy.

Benefits include:

  1. Sales tax from new Pacific Grove small businesses
  2. Over 135 quality, good paying local jobs including:
  3. Operations Management
  4. Food and Beverage Management
  5. Engineering
  6. Information Technology
  7. Human Resources and Accounting
  8. Sales
  9. Front of the House positions
  10. Back of the House Positions
  11. Summer and Seasonal Positions
  12. High School and College Internships
  13. Opportunity for onsite small businesses to open
  14. Local vendor preferences program supports local small businesses
  15. Program to promote Pacific Grove businesses to guests


How do I receive more information on the project?2021-10-01T04:28:23+00:00

If you are interested in more information on the ATC – Pacific Grove Hotel & Commercial Project, please sign up on our website by clicking here.