This week, the Pacific Grove High School Class of 2021 participated in a long awaited and well deserved graduation ceremony.

It was the crowning achievement of fifteen years of education, but for this class, it will be remembered for the survival of the last fifteen months. Recognizing the need for this class to stay connected to their school and most importantly to each other, a group of parents came together to make lemons out of lemonade.

They began working early in the school year to provide fun and engaging projects that allowed these students and their families to feel some sense of normalcy.

These included door drops of snacks and fun games, drive-in movies, and socially distanced and approved events. Soon, other groups of parents connected with the Freshman, Sophomore and Junior classes followed suit.

This innovative approach culminated in the Beach Ball event in mid-May, a combination of an outdoor Prom and Sober Grad Night. Parents raised the necessary funds for these endeavors through individual, group and business donations throughout the year. Gifts for the attendees included backpacks, key chains, frisbees and other items. Parents of the graduates received gifts as well.

Comstock Development, the project applicant for the ATC – Pacific Grove Hotel and Commercial project was proud to have supported the Breakers Light the Way and Beach Ball events.

As a steadfast supporter of the students of Pacific Grove and the community at large, we felt it was critical that the Class of 2021 was given something special to make this year just a little bit better. We hope we did and remain committed to making this community the best we possibly can.