I wanted to voice my opinion about the ATC project in Pacific Grove; a hotel and commercial property. My understanding is that it will be an important sustainable hotel property. A sustainable hotel property will be a great model for sustainable practices for other hospitality properties in the Monterey Bay region and a great learning model for students at CSUMB, MPC, Hartnell, Cabrillo and other learning institutions including high schools.

The project will improve a site that has been deteriorating over the years. As I understand it, the hotel will feature many sustainable practices including a LEEDS building certification, will follow Green Hotelier guidelines, a “green roof” to conserve energy, solar panels, a rain catchment system and a greywater reprocessing system. I also believe the project will include extensive measures to protect wildlife and marine life. An example is the windows will feature anti-glare bird-strike film.

Needless to say, the project will provide jobs, internships, career and educational opportunities and of course local tax revenues.

— John L. Avella, director emeritus Sustainable Hospitality Management Program, College of Business, CSU Monterey Bay